Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Not Sleeping

I slept for two hours this afternoon. Jake came home from work around 4:30 and I went upstairs with him. He was changing out of his Fred Meyer costume (no hanky-panky, people, or at least nothing you should be embarassed about). I don't really remember him leaving the room... I remember laying down. I remember pulling a blanket up over me. That's it. Next thing I know, I'm looking at the clock and it's 6:42. And no, Jake didn't miraculously make dinner. (Although he did leave me alone, and he did take Deborah for a ride, so thank you's to him for letting me sleep). My mom watched Abigail, and when I got up I threw together some spaghetti, and we all scarfed it up.

I didn't sleep last night till around 5ish, and after the nap I won't be sleeping tonight till around 6 a.m...
Oh, well, the nap was really nice and I felt better... It's amazing how irritable I am after only three or four hours of sleep... Particularly when it's only three or four hours every night for the last week...

April sent me an article about insomnia, and the fascinating thing (at least to me) I learned is that if you have one or two nights of difficulty falling asleep in a week, you are technically an insomniac. So, there has probably never been a week of my life when I didn't qualify as an insomniac. Lovely.

Mom's got horror stories of walking the floor with me as an infant... (Abigail's difficulty sleeping didn't just pop out of nowhere.) If I follow a very specific routine before I go to bed it helps me relax and settle down usually. Not lately, though. I haven't really slept since the whole mess with our pastor and his wife... I am pathetic. Beth tells me I'm not pathetic, just sad.

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The Renzntzman said...

Have you tried Melatonin? It helps me. I am a long time insomniac.