Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Beth's Job Interview

My sister, Beth has a job interview tomorrow, Thursday at 1 p.m. Alaska time (one hour behind Pacific). Please pray for her if you see this before her interview. She hasn't had a job since '98 when she worked at Blockbuster and lived with me in Texas. She's nervous, but will do well.

She'll be interviewing for a teaching position at JoAnn's. I've been teaching their jewelry/beading classes for about a year and she's hoping to teach their floral design classes. It's a fun creative atmosphere, and would allow a gradual entry to the job market. I teach about three or four classes a month for 2-5 students and make commission on the amount they pay for the classes.

Although I am required to teach JoAnn's sometimes ugly, sometimes cute and sometimes/rarely beautiful designs, I have learned some new techniques. I find working within the limits allows me to develop fun and creative new ideas. And I love working with the students. (mostly adults, sometimes teenagers, every once in a while a 4th-6th grader) Their ideas always inspire creative ideas & designs.

Anyway, we're hoping that Beth can get this job, since we're all sure she would really enjoy it.


becca said...

Well, the follow-up is that Beth has the job, but that they have a JoAnn's employee who also wants to teach the floral design class... So, Beth gets to teach any class that the regular employee doesn't want... We'll see how many that turns out to be. Yuck. Please pray that she will have favor in her supervisor's eyes, and that the regular employee won't want to teach many of the classes...

becca said...

Second follow up- The employee wants to teach ALL the classes, so even though they would have hired Beth, they HAVE to use their own employee.... Really LAME.