Thursday, October 26, 2006

Stop right now

As a parent, you find yourself "working" on things every week with your kids. Last week it was being polite- saying "thank you", "please", and "may I". The week before it was throwing things if her sister tried to take them away. Deborah has a lovely habit of flinging something across the room without looking if Abigail tries to take it away from her.

This week it's stopping immediately whatever she's doing when we say "stop". This is a big deal. I know it's sounds like a minor thing, but right now we have to yell at Deborah to get her to stop doing something. And even then she wants to know WHY she has to stop.

While we were on vacation last summer we had a major yuck thing happen with the "stop". We were halfway through Canada the night after our tire blew, and Jake insisted on getting the blown out tire fixed immediately. (which we all agreed with... too scarey to be on a long road trip with no spare tire) So, we were stuck in this little town while they fixed the tire. Jake was with the tire guy, Beth & Mom ran across the road to the bank, and Deborah & I were wondering around looking at the sites. And she took off running from me. I was 7 months pregnant, and chasing a fast three year old... Yelling, SCREAMING "stop" while she starts running across this street. No traffic in sight, but I'm a panicky mom. I couldn't get a hold of her arm, 'cuz she was laughing and twisting and turning and running... So I knocked her over. Yup, I swiped my arm out and just knocked her over. She fell, and was crying. I picked her up and held her so tight, and I was yelling at her. And then the car goes roaring by us, going too fast for the little town...

So, the 'stop' is a BIG deal, and she still hasn't gotten it. I want her to understand that just 'cuz she doesn't know WHY I'm telling her to stop doesn't mean she doesn't have to stop. Try explaining that to a 3 year old...

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