Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Elements Blog Hop

I feel so lucky to participate in a SUMMER Blog Hop!
My favorite season is summer.  Probably because I live in Alaska and love the long summer nights we enjoy, and favor them as a response to the dark, dreary winters.  And this year summer took so long to arrive!  Seriously, we had snow only a month ago... It snowed the first two weeks of May, and that is NOT NORMAL!!!.

I am so thankful for summer here in Fairbanks.
I love the flowers that grow here, I love spending time with my family outside, I love my camping memories.
My dad was a forester, so as soon as August would hit and the tree-culling season was over we would go camping.  Some of my favorite childhood memories are of camping and exploring the woods during late summer.

My dad, my sister Beth, and me

Now, I love biking with my girls and hanging out on trails with them.  This is one of my favorite pictures of my girls and me.  We're watching ducks on the river walk in Fairbanks.

Deborah, Abigail, and me behind Pioneer Park several years ago

The best way to welcome summer is with a barbecue, friends and s'mores.  We got to hang out with our Life-group a couple of weeks ago, and just enjoy the arrival of the mosquitoes and the sun.

This great photo was taken by my friend, David at our Barbecue

Maybe because I grew up with a botanist for a daddy, maybe because I love to garden, maybe because God has continued to use butterflies powerfully in my life to remind me of His plans for me...  for whatever reason, I am drawn to Botanical imagery.  Flowers, leaves and butterflies are a constant theme in my jewelry and in my personal life.

I finished this one this week, and it sold within a couple of hours of putting it out.  
I didn't even get to take a decent picture.

I love Lucite flowers, particularly combined with Swarovski crystals.

Flowers and butterflies, leaves and outdoors...  That's what summer means to me.

These earrings are my latest summer project.
Silk flowers, Swarovski crystals and butterflies.

I'm still in the process of deciding if I like them enough to make more but I think I'll be making a few more just to see what happens.  I have a yellow pair, and a pink pair. They are certainly a fun mix of high/low elements, and they have wonderful movement and sparkle.

Thank you for hosting the Summer Elements Blog Hop, Toltec Jewels!  Thank you for allowing me to participate. =)    
Dear reader, Go forth and discover some other wonderful Summer Blog fun!

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kmorgan said...

Thank you for sharing Becca! I hope one day to visit Alaska - it is on my "places to go" list. You have beautiful girls & I just love your flower necklace. No wonder you sold it so quickly! :)

Anonymous said...

Your jewelry is pretty and whimsical. I love your bonfire!

Chelle said...

You know I don't see butterflies outside as much as I did when I was growing up. I use to love watching them fly around. Love your pieces. Have a wonderful summer.

baymoondesign said...

You have a very short summer in Alaska so I am sure you make the most of it. Happy summer!

Jasvanti said...

The necklaces are so pretty and I love your butterfly earrings.

Unknown said...

That neckace is dreamy. Can see why it didn't last longs. Loved the story of your camping. We did lots of it as well in years gone by. Ever do a whooper stick?

Anonymous said...

Cute earrings! I love the flower necklaces you showed too.

Unknown said...

Such pretty floral pieces!

Unknown said...

All the summer elements are in your blog :-) those flowers are so cute♥

ZenithJade said...

I love all your jewelry! It's just lovely!

I think summer is my favorite season, too. I just adore it. All the flowers!!! :)

We had snow in May too! I live in Wisconsin, and although this is a far cry from Alaska, we're still pretty Northern. ;)


Nelly May said...

Your post brought back fond memories of Fairbanks for me - such a beautiful place. I was fortunate enough to visit Alaska a few years back and I would love to return to show my kids. Gorgeous jewellery you make.

Liz said...

It must be interesting to have all those hours of daylight in the summer. Your jewelry is beautiful.

Gerda said...

Such pretty necklaces. I like the first one the most, reminds me of cherry blossoms.

Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...

My dear Becca,

What a wonderful post! I'm so honored you participated, sharing your beautiful family and lovely jewelry. I visited you right away, delighted to have an artist share from Alaska. I'm not sure if I didn't send my comment then, but how I LOVE your butterfly and lucite & Swarovski jewelry. Like you, butterflies remind me of good and God's warm embrace -- since my sweet daughter's death last summer, they are especially dear to me. They seem to fluttter and dance with her love. I know all is well.

Your daughters are lovely; my favorite summer photos are you and Deborah and Abigail looking over the ducks, and your photo of being little, and your Dad. :)

Thank you for sharing your camping memories of s'mores and fun, and your camp-out with friends. Happy summer!


Anonymous said...

The Lucite flowers ARE gorgeous!