Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Smiles

On Saturdays I post about a couple of things that have made me smile over the last week.

1) I really am better.
I missed posting last Saturday because I was still pretty messed up from the car accident. No, I'm not at full strength yet and I'm going to be doing some doctor visits for a while, but I really am better.

2) I've sold two of my pearl vine necklaces in the last week.

A white pearl necklace completed and lovingly photographed

A cranberry pearl necklace in progress on my bead tray

One of the ones that sold had turquoise pearls, which look like blueberries, while the other was the cranberry style.  It's great they sold, but it means I need to get cracking...  I just didn't get much inventory built over this last winter. I don't know why....  Some winters I'm fantastic at trying new things and just get tons of stuff made, but not this year.

3) The girls and I spent some time at Pioneer Park on Tuesday and had a blast.

Abigail on the new rope climbing tower


Mischelle said...

I love the cranberry necklace.. very gorgeous. What is Pioneer Park?? Hope you are feeling better each day.

becca said...

Thank you! They are fun to make, but take a long time...
Pioneer Park is an Alaskan themed playground/old Alaskan village. Lots of fun stuff in the summer- a couple of great play grounds, canoe rides, the Fairbanks civic center (plays, art galleries,etc.), old cabins from the gold rush era which have been turned into little shops or museums.
If you've been up here before, it used to be called Alaskaland and a LOT of old-time Fairbanksans still call it that. However, it is MUCH up-dated since then.