Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It Worked!

Deborah's Birthday party with her friends is tomorrow, and she wanted cupcakes.  I thoroughly enjoy making cupcakes, but last time it got kind of expensive.  Cake, frosting, pastry bag, candy to decorate, boxes to carry the cupcakes....  So I decided to see how much money I could save this time around.

The pastry bag to decorate her cupcakes cost $6 last year, and split out right before I was done.  I read on Pinterest that I could use a zip-Lock bag as a pastry bag.  Here's the fancy one I found on-line, which cost more like $20...

Here's the cheapy one I made using a zip-Lock bag, tips I already owned, and a rubber band.

And here's the results: 

It's not professional quality, but they are pretty and we had fun working together.  We are both quite happy and satisfied.

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