Thursday, May 09, 2013

Friday is My Fun Day! - Midnight Lagoon Necklace

I'm trying something a little new.  I saw these wonderful flower lei-style necklaces somewhere on Pinterest, and it inspired me to try adding some silk flowers to my designs.  I'm not sure yet how they will sell, so right now I'm all a-flutter about them- nervous and kind of excited.

I used Swarovski crystals and blue pearls with the silk flower.

A Close-up of the flower construction- 
I wired it all together with a loop on the back to secure it to the necklace.

I have TERRIBLE luck trying to photograph clear crystals.  No matter what I do the sparkling clarity of Swarovski crystals totally throw my camera for a loop.  I love my camera and it normally does a great job, but not with black beads or clear Swarovski crystals.  Very frustrating.

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