Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting My Craft On! - Menu Board

I admit it- I'm not crafty.  Yes, I make jewelry, but that's about it.  I rarely use scissors, glue or paper for anything other than lists or stuff for the girls to do.

But I found this amazing idea on Pinterest- it's a menu board by Sarah Potter, and it is beautiful.
Here's hers:

Isn't it beautiful?  She used an old cookie sheet and covered it with fabric.

So, I copied her idea. I found a magnetic, dry erase board at Walmart for about $5.  Then I used hot glue and covered it with fabric.  I found the cute clothes pins in the office supplies at Walmart, too.  I hot-glued my letters on the pins, then hot-glued them on the board.

Sarah's is a lot prettier, but I'm very proud of my crafty self. 

My success makes me want to try again, and do something else crafty!  Maybe I can do some things with the girls this summer.  Just one thing a week or so.  I'm not very brave or creative with the whole 'crafty' thing; however, there are FABULOUS craft ideas on Pinterest and I want to make this summer fun and more organized.  I hate getting to the end of the summer and trying to remember what we did with all that time.

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