Friday, March 15, 2013

Saturday Smiles

On Saturdays I share a couple of things that have made me smile over the last week.

Before sharing my smiles, I want you to know, dear reader, that I am only able to use my I-Phone camera right now.  My computer is still down so I am still borrowing my sister's computer, and my camera is packed full with pictures I can't delete but can't PUT anywhere.  So my photos are not pleasing to me right now.  Please believe that I would have chosen fabulously wonderful photos to share with you if I could!

1) My Bead Soup!
I got my bead soup from my partner, Michelle.  And it's beautiful!!!  I can't wait to work with all these wonderful beads.  And look at the focal she made!  It reminds me of a turtle shell, yet it has a glowy iridescence that turtle shells just don't have.  It's polymer clay and just lovely.

2)Spring Break
My girls and I have enjoyed a week off from school.  We've slept, played, hung out and been as lazy as we possibly could be in only 9 days. One of the best things we've done this week is participate in a Gymnastics, Inc. Play Date with the kids from church.
 All the kids playing a "Simon Says" style pirate game doing the submarine move 
Deborah is on the far left wearing a green shirt 
Abigail is smack in the middle of the picture in a pink shirt & shorts

Abigail on the long trampoline

Deborah bouncing on the spring board

All the kids playing a limbo style game

3) Ice Park
We finally got to go to the Ice Park.  I borrowed my sister's camera, but the battery died after we'd been there for less than 30 minutes.  Boo, Hiss!  So I'll have to wait til Jake's photos are developed and scanned to share our trip.

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