Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Folk Fest Reaction

Beth and I had a lot of fun as vendors at the Folk Fest last week.  We listened to some good music. (Some we really could have done without, too.  I admit, neither of us is an avid fan of bluegrass.  However, we enjoyed the jazz, acoustic and celtic offerings.)  We got to talk to some old friends, meet new people and sell some jewelry.

Beth sold quite a bit (Go, Beth!), and I covered table fees.  I'm delighted for her, and disappointed for myself.  Since my stuff tends toward the sparkly and Beth leans towards stones, I wasn't terribly surprised.  We made some contacts, had lots of people ooh and ahh over our jewelry, handed out quite a few business cards. 

Sum up:  We are willing to try it next year again now that we know what it is like and can plan for the the average Folk-Fest person.  Probably a bit more leather, wood and ribbon and a bit less sparkly.

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