Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Smiles

On Saturdays I post about a couple of things that have made me smile over the last week.

1) I found a great place for beaders on Facebook! 

Creative Bead Chat is a group for beaders to share what they have made, to ask for help, and to find community.  I'm so lucky that I have my sister making jewelry with me and that we can share our work & difficulties and inspire each other.  However a lot of other beaders don't have that kind of immediate response from someone, and the CBC group is a place to get responses and community.  A place to have people flip over the amazing piece you just finished, or offer advice about how to get the perfect patina on a cuff bracelet...

1) I started back at work.

I like my job.  I'm a 1st-3rd grade "Early Reading Intervention Specialist".  It's not perfect (I have to be outside with the kids for one half hour recess every day, and that part can be very stressful), and I wish it were full time (if I were more than 15 hours they have to pay me benefits, so it's cheaper to have 3 of us at 14 hours a week). 
But I like working with kids and helping them learn to read.  I enjoy watching them grow and get better, understand more and learn to enjoy reading.  I enjoy figuring out with them what their individual reading quirks are and how to fix them.  I like feeling that I am actually making a difference for these kids- that because I am helping them now, maybe they will be able to finish high school and go on to a good paying job.
Although I'm not working with students til next week, I'm back at the school and prepping for my new students.  I am getting to know the kids through the recess time and introducing myself to them.  I really enjoy working with kids.  I admit I prefer kids to most adults.  They are more honest & more fun, as a general rule. 
I remember what it felt like to be a kid- how big everything was, and how overwhelming social conflicts were.  I think a lot of adults forget what it's like to be a kid- how out of control everything feels. I WANT to remember and not forget. 

2) I started a Beth Moore Bible study at church.

I'm so excited!  I haven't been in a good Bible study in probably 2 years, and I really miss the in-depth work and reading my Bible for change and growth.  Listening to God's voice and laying my heart out...  Hope I can buckle down and do the reading and study necessary.


Alice said...

Becca, you'll love the Beth Moore bible study. I took it a few years ago during a difficult time in my life, and it was so helpful in getting me back on my feet. Of course she has many different books, but I know they would all be fabulous.

Happy Saturday!

A Half-Baked Notion said...

Fall is such a time of renewal for so many. Looks like you are doing what you need for your own positive change. Hope your part-time job grows into everything you need it to be, Becca.

Kathy said...

I too love the Creative Bead Chat on facebook. It's a great resource! I admire you for your ability to work in a school. I love my own kids, but I get easily annoyed by large groups of kids! There's not enough order for my order-loving-self. :-) And Beth Moore, you just can't go wrong with that lady!! Which study are you doing?

becca said...

Thank you, All!
I have done some of Beth Moore's studies before, and loved them. This one is "Believing God", and I did part of it about 7 years, but didn't get to finish. I'm looking forward to doing the whole thing. =)
I love my job- the only thing complaint I have is that it's only half-time. I wish i could do this full time, or something similar.

Kathy said...

Oh Becca, "Believing God" was THE most significant Beth Moore study I've done. It came at a very difficult time in my life, and was just what I needed to help myself suit up with the armor of God!