Sunday, September 02, 2012

Amazing Give-away

I just read about this wonderful give-away over at Gardanne!

But I don't want you to enter!  'Cuz then I'll have less chances to win. 
So, DON'T go over there, and DON'T enter!

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A Half-Baked Notion said...

Becca, thanks for passing on the info... and I promise not to enter... this time! (Actually I've been very lucky this year, so I'm not entering any more contests til January.)

Also thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog re: Challenge of Travel. I am a relative newcomer in polymer clay compared to some of the wonderful artists I admire. It is a very forgiving medium as well as virtually unlimited in imaginative possibilities. If you don't already frequent her site (I notice she's not on your blogroll), Cindy Lietz has a very user-friendly teaching program mostly geared to polymer clay. This is the link to her blog for info:

(Hope you don't mind a reply here, Becca. I usually respond by email but you don't have a link to yours in your Blogger profile.)