Tuesday, May 04, 2010

BAD Air!

We had a minor problem last night in the metal-smith shop. Somehow the fans didn't get turned on.

So about half an hour into class, everyone starts coughing...
And our professor comes out of his office very upset. 'Cuz we all couldn't breath.
Very bad.

He got the fans on, and reminded us all to check if the fans were on before using the torches. He was upset 'cuz he hadn't checked, which is part of his job. He was also upset 'cuz he knew what could have happened, and 'cuz NOBODY caught it until we were all coughing.
'Cuz the torches burn on gas. Which also burns up the good oxygen....
Somebody was using some nasty chemical to change the color of their copper.
Somebody else was using resin, which is a nasty chemical.
And somebody else was melting wax to create a metal casting...

So we'd been breathing bad air for that whole time, and it just started getting REALLY bad. I went out into the hall, we propped open the door, and several of us hung around outside till it wasn't so scarey in there. I didn't have my inhaler- BAD Becca- and I didn't want to know what might have happened if I'd really needed it.

Beth was in the annealing room, and she said it was really weird to come back in the big room to the sound of EVERYBODY coughing... And then to start coughing herself...

Anyway, I'm sure there were no long term effects, but I've been incredibly tired and groggy today. I hope I didn't kill off too many brain cells! I don't really have enough to spare.

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