Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our Sign!

Beth and I have known since we started selling at Farmer's Market that we had to have a sign. People have said it, other venders have mentioned it, we've said it to each other. A sign had to happen.

However, it is EXPENSIVE to have someone make you a nifty vinyl sign.

So we decided to paint our own.

Figured it was cheaper, and more likely to be something we'd be happy to live with for a while if we did it ourselves.

We've talked about it. FOREVER. Ad infinitum.

We knew what we wanted- a butterfly for me, a bird for Beth, and some pretty green vines to kind of pull it all together.

Since we are talking about an Etsy store, we wanted to have our sign for the Etsy Storefront be the same as our sign for Farmer's Market. Which means we've finally gotten our butt's in gear! YAY!

So, we finally got the wood at the end of last season, and slowly got started... First we did the lettering, based off our business cards (Thank you Valette!)

The sign is NOT complete... Still got to slap some vines on the right side to finish it off, but I think we might just be happy with where it's going. =)

I painted my butterfly, and Beth painted her bird. And I think we're happy.

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