Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Poor Luna

Last night during our evening bedtime rituals, Abigail suddenly yelled, "Mama, Luna's eye is bleeding!!!"

I picked her up, and drops of blood splashed on my hand.

Sometime yesterday the cats had a major fight, and poor Luna got the worst of it.
We're not sure who was involved, but it was probably Gidget. Beth noticed that she'd been stalking Luna all day. Gidget is this cantankerous fat cat who can't stand for any of the other cats in the house to be happy. If Luna or Nene are playing, there's Gidget stopping the fun.

She also has a habit of stalking one of the smaller cats around the house, chasing them down all day until she's got them pinned into a corner.

Anyway, Luna has a slight tear in her bottom eyelid, a deep puncture wound between her eyes, and a scratch across the top of her head between her ears. Poor kitty.

I took her for a daytime emergency visit to the vet, and she got the okay for her eye. We were all concerned that her eye itself had been scratched with the way it was gunky and bloody last night, but it was just the eyelid. Thank God.
So she got an antibiotic shot, and has been trailing me every second I've been home.
Poor kitty....

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