Friday, October 02, 2009

Mom's Vehicle

My mom's Dodge Durango has been in the shop for the last 3 weeks. Aaaargh.
Which means I've been the one running EVERYBODY around. And with 6 people in a family, that's a lot of every bodies.
Her car* didn't pass the IM test because of some nasty problem with the ABS system. Very frustrating. Apparently, they all had that problem in '99. 'Cuz our mechanic couldn't find a replacement part in Alaska, or in the lower 48...
They messed around with it, and finally got it to pass! YaY! Alaska Auto Care Rocks!
I'm so glad for there to be another vehicle in the house!

*(Mom hates it when we call it a 'truck', and it's such a mouth full to say 'the SUV', so we generally call it 'the car', or the Dodge. Even though it's not a car, and Jake's Neon is also a Dodge. As far as mom's concerned it's better to call it a car than a truck. Weird, huh?)

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