Saturday, October 10, 2009

Christmas Earrings

I've been working on some Christmas earrings to take to one of the local stores, "The Ornamentery".

The owner's name is Judith Grahek, and we are delighted to have seasonal items carried in her store. She's only open from about November 1st to December 23rd or so, and pretty much only carries seasonal items. Last year was our first year to work with her, and she's wonderful! Judith is very positive about the artists, and having a few things in her store was a good experience.

However, I've got some mixed feelings about ME making seasonal items...
#1- They're the most cutesy items I make. Always. And they rarely feel special enough to justify the time they take.
#2- I didn't sell many last year. Although I consistently sell some every year.
#3- I don't have as much fun making them.
#4- Part of me feels like I'm selling out. =) (Like I don't already make items specifically so they will sell! Really, I realize how silly this is, I just can't make it go away!)

Good Things About Seasonal Items:
#1- I like making things that will sell. I like making money. I like money.
#2- I have the items on hand, and I have fun making them, even if I'm all grouchy about it.
#3- Things sold at The Ornamentery only have a 20% commission on them. That is literally the best amount we make on any any of our jewelry other than the pieces we sell ourselves.

These little confetti/sequin earrings are quick and easy to make. I added a little sparkle to them with some 'fairy dust' (yes, that's an actual product, a liquid glitter), and voila. Christmas Earrings.

$10 a pair
Made by Rebecca

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