Sunday, September 13, 2009


I've fallen into the hole of the GAMING world.
Not something I thought I'd ever do...

I haven't been blogging 'cuz I've been playing Mobsters on MySpace. I finish my one or two hours of jewelry making in the evening and hop over to the computer for some mobbing.
And I've been on there for hours...
Not something I expected EVER to do.

I think it really fits in with the whole 'I've been depressed' thing.
Money is tight. My schedule is tight.
My health is not good. My back, neck and ankle hurt.
I've gained so much weight this last year.
I'm frustrated with the choices Jake is making.
My jewelry hasn't been selling like I want it to.

And it's ALL out of my control.
I can't exercise 'cuz it hurts my ankle.
I can't make people buy my stuff.
I can't make Jake do what I want him to. (Although I can pout, whine, and generally drive him crazy, this is not an effective means of getting my way!)
I can't magic up more money.
I can't eliminate school for the girls, nor do I want to. (Which is a good thing, 'cuz they drove me crazy this week when they were home sick from school!)
The Stash is closing, which takes away one of the places we've displayed our stuff. Plus, it gives us a definite way of defining how bad the economy is up here & everywhere else.
The gaming has given me an escape from how bad I feel. I can go away to a world where I can make TONS of money, beat up anybody I want to, and grow in success and power. Pretty cool.
Hmmm. Just not effective in making me feel any better.

Which blogging does. (makes me feel better, I mean.)
And spending time with my family does.
And making jewelry does.
And writing does.
And exercising does. (I've got to figure out a way around this stupid ankle issue!!! I've got a feeling the extra bit of weight I've gained this year makes my ankle even worse, and then it all becomes a downward spiral of pain and weight gain...)
And spending time with God does.
And spending time drawing, painting, singing, acting, working at church does...

So, perhaps gaming is not the best answer for my problems right now...

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