Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rebecca Needs...

From a friend... A weird friend. ;)
Go to any search engine and type in your name and the word 'needs', ie "Rebecca needs"
Copy down the first ten and share.
The comments in italics are all my own...

1. Rebecca needs enlightenment! (oh boy, do I!)
2. Rebecca needs the receipts from the recruitment chairs. (because those chairs are getting expensive!)
3. Rebecca needs support for her educational goals. (I'd actually love this one.)
4. Rebecca needs to take a piss. (none of your business)
5. Rebecca needs a family. (anyone got an extra laying around?)
6. Rebecca needs a prayer. (ALWAYS.)
7. Rebecca needs to go. (where? or is that back to the piss thing?)
8. Rebecca needs to leave early!
9. Rebecca needs a throat drop! (I am getting a bit of a cold...)
10. Rebecca needs to find out! (there's that enlightenment thing again.)

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