Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Luna & The Bird Feeder

We've got a great bird feeder- the chickadees love it, and so do the cats.
I originally got it for Luna when I lived in Kirkland so that she could watch the birds. Jake & I were gone so much of the time that I felt bad for my poor kitty locked up in the house by herself. She'd been an outside cat in someone's neighborhood, but we lived so close to major thoroughfares that I wasn't willing to chance it. So I kept her inside. (All the research I've done on the subject convinces me that I made the right choice back then. It's okay if you disagree with me about a cat's need to 'be free', but she's safer here inside. In Alaska, most outdoor cats lose stuff, like their ears or their tails...)
Luna LOVES watching the birds. Now the girls join in, too. It absolutely amazes me that any birds would be able to stay here for the whole winter. I get the ravens- they're bigger than my cat. But the chickadees! They're so tiny!

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