Saturday, December 20, 2008

Post Operation

We got home yesterday from the surgery trip to Anchorage... I'm fairly miserable, yet somehow, not as miserable as I was before...

I had a synovial cyst in my lower back blocking 60% of my spinal cord, around L4. Upon opening my back up, the neurosurgeon discovered the cyst had ruptured, which explains why the pain had gotten noticeably worse. While no one knows the exact chain of events, it is possible the cyst ruptured during or right after the car accident.

Joy of joys: Synovial cysts have a tendency to reform, so I will have to be aware of my symptoms recurring. And if they do, the surgeon said he'd recommend fusing those two vertebrae.

So, I'm back home. Sleeping a lot. Taking some serious pain medication. And barred from a lot of things- lifting, bending, twisting...

I'm also dealing with a wicked headache that comes and goes. And blecky nausea... Which seems to be related to getting dehydrated, keeping something in my stomach and missing my pain meds... So, I'm sticking to my schedule. And right now it says I should be in bed.

Good night!

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