Friday, December 12, 2008

Old TV Shows

You've probably received this in a forwarded email and deleted it. ;) I thought it was fun, so here it is... You may choose to participate or ignore.
Add ONLY 1 and keep it going!! ENJOY THIS DAY!! This should be fun and jog our memories. No repeats only one show per person to allow others to think ofsomething.
Lenny-Benny Hill
Bob -Lost in space.
Jodi -The Munsters
Melanie- The Magic Garden
Kelly- Romper Room
Ingrid- Dark Shadows
Debb- Bewitched
Greg- I Dream of Jeanie
Lydia- Petticoat Junction
Bob- Price is right
Lynn B.- The Ed Sullivan Show
Hilda- Father Knows Best
LeRoy –Wha’ts my line
John- Leave it to Beaver
Ruthie -The Red Skelton Show
Linda- The Carol Burnett Show
Laurie-The Partridge Family
Renee -SOAP (remember that one)
Betty Bonanza
Jodi- Unsolved Mysteries
Tana - Dr Quinn...Medicine Women
Sharon – Land of the Lost
Carolyn - Starsky and Hutch
Bob S.- Palladin
Randy K.- Gunsmoke
Maryann T. - Captain Video
Homer- Lone Ranger
Muffin- The Flying Nun
Jen- Truth Or Consequences
Donna- My Mother the Car
Gail - Night Gallery
Jackie-Twilight Zone
Michele- Doctor Who (loved it as a child)
Annie - The Little Rascals
Debbie E - ALF
Deb R.- Shock Theater
Lisa K. - Julia & Eddies Father (couldn't decide:)! )
KK – Big Valley
Linda C. – Gilligan’s Island
Sue K. – The A Team
Dorothy S. - Dallas
Corine - I Led Three Lives
Rebecca (ME)- The Brady Bunch


becca said...

Jake added, "The Love Boat"

Jon said...

Jon P. - Battlestar Galactica (the original one!)