Friday, October 03, 2008

Slip slip sliding away...

A guy slid into me today.
I was driving home after dropping Deborah off at kindergarten (Thank you, God! She wasn't in the car...), and slowing down to come to a stop sign. This guy in a jeep takes the corner way too fast and slides right into me. It was almost in slow motion! I could see him coming and I was trying to stop the Dodge... I slid about 5-10 feet (as opposed to his 30 or so), and he hit me.
Broke out our front driver's side lights, bent the fender down into the wheel well, smashed the car a bit, and totally messed with my neck.
He was great. Totally took responsibility, about fell apart, gave me all his info.
I went home fighting the car the whole way- the fender was up in the wheel well and messing with the wheel- making this HORRIBLE screeching sound, and causing the wheel to shake and tremble.
About a half hour after I got home, my neck started hurting. Bad.
Jake was at school, and I thought I'll go ahead and get ready so he can take me to the ER when he gets home. So I started getting ready, and finally realized something. Jake would rather I call the Econ office and have him pulled out of class than not know. (He doesn't have a cell phone, I do.)
So, I did. And he came home immediately and took me to the ER. And I was definitely right- he'd rather I called him right then. In fact, it was almost an hour later and he'd rather I had called him immediately.
Now I've got a neck brace and a prescription for Vicadin.
I HATE the neck brace. It's miserably uncomfortable and, at least for today, my neck hurts more wearing it than not. I'm thinking that'll probably change tomorrow.
Anyway, the Vicadin is making me woozy, dizzy, a little sick to my stomach and sleepy.
I do not like Vicadin. But since I'm allergic to all the oxycodones that was the best option.
Why on earth do people think it's a good idea to take pain meds for fun?? They must affect me very differently than the average person.
So, the car's drivable, but in sad shape. His insurance is going to fix it and pay for my ER visit and my follow up with my neck doctor.
I'm angry about it. Not at the guy. Yes, he was driving too fast, and he shouldn't have been.
But, I'm angry it happened. My neck is already a mess. I've been okay. Not great, but okay. This is gonna set my neck way back. It is hurting pretty bad right now and that's with Vicadin and Ibuprofen. And I know it's gonna be worse tomorrow...

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