Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Yikes... I've been very busy lately.

We've got a bazaar this Saturday, so I've been making up as much as possible in preparation for that...

I've had deadlines, deadlines, deadlines with the curriculum writing.

Jake's been coming home from school & work and immediately diving into homework...

Driving the girls around all day drives me crazy! I hope we can work out their schedule a little better next year... Although some of it will naturally work out since Deborah will start doing all day school.

Deborah LOVES her kindergarten teacher and I thinks she's great. Deborah gets to do a different cool thing every day- gymn, library, art, music... Pretty much rocks for her. She delights in the challenges of school and is doing very well.

Abigail is still not sure if she likes pre-school or not. There are some things she likes (playing outside, playing with different toys, the food...) and some things she doesn't- primarily being told what to do! My stubborn 3 year old would rather do exactly what she wants to do all day. well, wouldn't we all, really?

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