Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Last summer

I want to say this since I was so wide open with what happened this summer...
I may have been too honest with everyone. If my honesty and spewing got to you, dear reader, I'm sorry. I tend to feel like this is my space to say what I need to. My mom would tend to prefer that I not share anything about our home life and there is certainly validity to her opinion. Many would say I should not share about my home life. I'm still getting the balance of it all.
Anyway, moving on.

I have come to a place of real forgiveness. I have honestly forgiven my sister for the mess this summer. I've forgiven her for the suicide attempt. I've forgiven her for the stealing. There is a difference between letting it go and not being stupid, though. ;) I'm okay with that difference.

I don't trust her with my money. I don't trust her with my computer or my purse or my debit cards. But I've honestly let go of the mess. And it feels GOOD to let it go.

I love my sister very much. I felt very betrayed and hurt, but she's had to deal with some major big consequences. Beth's got some issues, but she is doing better. Maybe just getting that alligator we were hiding out from underneath the table helped her a bit...

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