Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The last week or so

I feel like I'm too busy, but everything I'm doing is pretty basic.
I've been writing for the church down in Texas, completing jewelry for Farmer's Market, taking the girls to school. Laundry, meals and running necessary errands. Anybody who thinks that the parent who stays home with the kids spends their time watching tv or playing on the computer all day is INSANE.

The big mess at our home has been Jake's absence. His parents paid for him to go to Seattle for his brother's wedding. He was down there for a week. Led worship at a friend's church. Visited with family. And was basically pretty sad. He missed us and we missed him. He came home sick. Which happens every time he travels. And now everybody here is sick, too. I just don't think I'm gonna let him travel without us again.

I hate being a single parent! I don't see how people function as full time single parents...
Really. I'm serious. I don't see how they get anything done. While Jake was gone, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and still not ending up with everything done that HAD to be done.

I've had lesson activities to write for Elevate at Fellowship Church in Texas. I'm thoroughly delighted with the materials they've sent me as examples. Very easy to use. Creative. Fun. Complete. A bit like VBS every Sunday. I'm pleased to get to write for a group striving for excellence and ingenuity.

I've had several commissioned jewelry pieces over the last 2 weeks. These have been very difficult to complete! Yikes... The whole time I'm thinking about whether they're going to like it or not vs. just enjoying the process of beading. I enjoy what I'm doing when I'm not fretting about it. :) Partly, it's just an artist wanting to please people. Partly, it's a dread of not having them done right.

Oh, and Jake and I start a Bible study at church tomorrow night. Which I'm very much looking forward to... Haven't been involved in a good Bible study in a while. The youth group at church has started up again, and I get to be involved again. Soon I'll start working with Jeff H. on the children's choir- it still amazes me how much I LOVE doing that.

So- busy. That's me. Running around like a busy buzzing bee... But the things I'm doing are all things I enjoy. I'm looking forward to September 27th- that's the final Farmer's Market day.

Anyway, I don't have time for much internet stuff. Or keeping up with my blog. Which is bad. Naughty mama.

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