Thursday, September 11, 2008

Itty Bitty Cars

I drive a Dodge Durango. It's my mom's vehicle, but I LOVE it. I like being in a big vehicle and I like having 4 wheel drive with all the snow and ice we have in the winter. I like being able to put all of our Farmer's Market set-up in one vehicle. It's a little crowded, but all six of us fit if we want to go out for dinner or something.
The only problem is gas... Durango's have a huge tank and get very low gas mileage. And with the price of gas right now, it takes about $100 to fill it up. And we fill up at least once a week, sometimes a little more...

So, here's my reaction to driving in this little toy: NO WAY! Not unless my life depended on it. And it seems to me it would depend on my mom's Dodge not climbing on top of me. Very cute. Don't get me wrong. But not anything I'm interested in even trying.


Defying Gravity said...

I was really hoping you'd try this little car. Now I'm disapointed.

becca said...

I admit part of me has always wanted the biggest truck I could get... I must be an Alaskan at heart! I've heard Texans say that they are the truck state, but they've got NOTHING on Alaskans. We've got the funkiest vehicles on the planet up here. People drive the oldest and ugliest things you've probably ever seen. Plus, since it's below freezing about six months out of the years, we don't wash our cars during that time.
I'm not sure Jake would even fit in that little toy. He's 6'2". I know I'd fit, but I think my knees would be up around my ears...
Can you imagine trying to fit car seats in there?
Deborah's in a 'booster chair' designed for kids up to 80 lbs, and Abigail's in a car seat. I'm not sure their seats would even fit in the passenger seat! :)