Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Song: Voice of My Lord

I actually wrote the chorus to this song when I was 17. I sang it for years in my own private worship times at home... I didn't really expect it to go anywhere else. I love how God recycles things. The year after I married Jake was so hard- the church start we met in failed, and I lost my job there. I didn't have a job for about 4 months, we ended up moving in with his parents, (which was HARD), and he had a job he hated. We served in an older dying church, and I finally found a job tutoring reading... We both were searching so hard for what on earth God might have in store for us. Right about then God gave me the verses to this song, and it seemed to be an answer about waiting on Him and trusting Him to know what He was doing. He gave me the verses while I was driving in Seattle traffic to my job. I have never in a thousand years pictured myself writing a gospel song, and that's exactly what it sounds like... a Natalie Grant or Crystal Lewis type thing... :)

The Voice of My Lord

Where you lead me I will go
What you tell me I will do
I will listen to the voice of my Lord
I will listen to the voice of my Lord
And I will go

Verse 1
All the roads You've led me down
All the trials You've brought me through
I will never understand Your love or the peace I've found in You
For I know the plans You have for me are always for my good
Though the pathway seems to wind through a dark and lonely wood

Verse 2
All the times You've called my name
All the sin You have erased
I will never understand Your love, why You died to take my place
And though I cannot see the future here I will cling to You alone
For the hope that lives within my soul tells me I am not my own

And I will follow,
I will follow Your voice
And I will follow, I will follow Your voice
And I will follow, I will follow Your voice
Speak Your will
Say the Word
Make the path clear
And I will go

Copyright 2000 R&J Music

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