Saturday, November 10, 2012

Solar Flare Blog Hop Completion

Yikes.  It has taken me longer to complete this piece than I had hoped.  Since I am heavily involved with rehearsals for Charlotte's Web, I find my 'free time' taken up by such ridiculousness as clean clothes, home-work and dinner preparation.  Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE being in the play, but I'm busy in a totally different way now.  When I come home, I have to focus on the necessary chores to keep the household running first, then spend any free time on jewelry creation.

For specific details about this blog hop, go here.

I want to share the completed piece, but first here are the two photos that inspired the piece.

I had a hard time attaching my central focus element to the rest of the wire work; however, I am pleased with the final solar flare piece.

I have attached a thick, ropey chain to the wirework, and I love how it fades right into the rest of the piece. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with these photos for this blog hop.  I've never created a piece based on a photo.  Thank you, Sam!

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