Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Smiles

On Saturdays I write about a few things that have made me smile over the last week.

This week I have spent time contemplating all the blessings that make my life sweet.

1) My girls- Deborah & Abigail-
How they've grown! I got to look at some old pictures today and I am enjoyed how cute they were, and how beautiful they've grown.

2 year old Abigail at Creamer's Field
4 year old Deborah at Tanana Flats
My girls this last August
2) My Jake-
I love him, and he's tender and sweet.  Sometimes he makes me want to punch him, but I am so grateful for him.  He is a blessing and my life would be such a dry and barren desert without him.  We've had a rough couple of weeks here- he really was not prepared for how much time the play would consume, and he is having a hard time dealing with my persistent absence at home.  I'm grateful we've made the commitment to do life together, no matter what life might include.
Jake from last August
3) My Sister Beth
My sister is a joy!  She has made some huge changes in her life lately, and she is a delight to be with now.  I love creating with her, spending time with her...  Yesterday she went to Value Village with me and we found my costume for Charlotte's Web.  Fun!
Beth with new beads
4) My mom
I don't have a picture of her, and she'd kill me if I tried to take one.  I am grateful that she has opened her home to her adult children and her grandchildren.  I am grateful for the work she does to keep this crazy house full of six people chugging along.
5) My kitty, Luna
Sweet girl.  She has mourned my time at rehearsals and work when I am gone from the house.  She trails me around like a little shadow and crawls onto my lap at every opportunity.
I am thankful for so many things- Our car, our beds, clothes that we can change every day, food in the cabinet, a grocery store nearby, jobs, health insurance, a home, beads and the opportunity to make things, the play I'm in, our church... 
I want gratitude and thankfulness to flood my life and flow over into everything I do- creating, playing, working, mothering, household churches, talking, worshipping...  living.


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