Saturday, June 02, 2012

Saturday Smiles

On Saturday I post about a couple of things that have made me smile this week.

1. Deborah's Birthday

My Deborah turned 9!  How can she be so old??? 
I remember her as this little baby who never wanted me to put her down- she wanted me to hold her all the time, and frankly, for the first couple of months I was okay with that.  We were both so sick- I almost died, and she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck.  We made it but we just wanted to be close together for a long time.
Now she's a prickly 9 year old who wants me to hold her while letting her go.  Still sweet, but oh-so-stubborn.  I love her so much!

2. First Friday
May First Friday at Risse's Greenhouse

We were invited to take our jewelry out to Risse's Greenhouse in May and in June for a First Friday event.  We had a great time, and were glad to share our jewelry with a new crowd.  Zydeco/steel drum band music, snacks, a broad variety of art, and lovely flowers.  What could go wrong?   We had two complaints only, and they were piddly little ones.  First, in May it was so hot and bright in the greenhouses that we wished for sunglasses and shorts.  Second, last night it was rainy, and we were simply SWARMED with mosquitoes.

3. Alaskan Butterflies

We don't have many, but the kinds we do have are lovely.  I've been enjoying them for the last few weeks, and am very glad for their diversity and beauty.  I haven't gotten any good photos of them because I haven't had my camera on any of the days I've seen them. I'm going to keep trying, but in the meantime I found this photo HERE.

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