Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Baking Fiend

Deborah's 9th birthday is this Friday, and I have promised her a party.  I've been baking like a crazy mad woman, and I really have no clue how many kids/parents will be there.  I will just have to hope I've made enough...

We wanted to include both of Deborah's worlds- church friends and school friends- and the easiest way to do that was to have the party at our church's weekly playdate.  All year round the church hosts a moms and kids Thursday morning play-date.  During the school year, my girls are busy. 

But during the summer!  Hang on to your hats, 'cuz we're coming to play.  The play-dates take place at several different parks in the area, which means we are excited to get to participate.  And my Abigail never stops when she's at a play-ground.
Anyway, having the party at the play-date seemed the easiest way to merge Deborah's divergent friendships.  So I'm baking.  And hoping my imagination is big enough to cover the reality of Thursday...

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