Monday, January 09, 2012

Surgery Recovery

It's been a week and a half since my surgery and I am doing better.

The first week I was groggy, tired and in pain. I pretty much came down to eat, and stayed in bed the rest of the time. A couple days ago, I started to feel better and I'm doing pretty good now.

I've been to the grocery store and made it half-way through the trip! At that point my body said 'I'm done, take me home.' But I still had to walk out on my own power, AND I made it.

I'm still shaky and I have NO stamina. Taking a shower wears me out. Eating dinner wears me out. Painting little tiny butterflies wears me out.

The biggest complication I'm stuck with right now is that I'm not sleeping. I hope you understand, I don't mean I'm having a little insomnia. Or that I'm having to lay in bed for an hour or so to go to sleep... I'm NOT SLEEPING. Last night I went to sleep around 8 a.m., and slept till between noon and 2. I had been in bed for a very long time before I went to sleep...

I did some research and found out this is a fairly common side-effect of going off the vicodin. The withdrawal can cause fairly severe insomnia. Goody. Something new... Only it's not.

I've always had insomnia. Always. Mom has stories about me being a baby and a young child and not sleeping. This new insomnia is different, though. This isn't like my nice, friendly, rather tame insomnia. He's a nice puppy I cuddle, read books, and wrestle with, and then I lay down and get to sleep with him in about an hour.

No, this new insomnia is like some great mean polar bear. I am fighting this guy every night for HOURS. He sits on my chest and roars at me for HOURS. I can't even tell myself nice stories or create little day-dreams. Nope, this bear is too loud- roaring, "You can't sleep, 'cuz I'm not lettin' ya'! Give it up! Ha-Ha-HAAAA!"

So, not only am I tired from surgery recovery, I'm also tired from Vicodin withdrawal. Remind me to never accept Vicodin after surgery again. This is ridiculous.

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