Friday, June 24, 2011

Saturday Smiles

I'm going to do these when I can, but I'm not sure how consistent I will be during the summer. I want to go to bed!

1.) Petunias

I love any and all flowers, but for some reason petunias just make me happy. They have such happy faces, and they don't smell awful like marigolds.

2.) Listening to my girls giggling together

They have had a lot of time together this summer, and they are enjoying each other more. I love seeing them figure out how to compromise and play together. Yes, they have had some pretty big fights, but I would say they've done more giggling than arguing

3.) Camping

Jake & I both like to go camping and it's sad how little we've been able to do together. Since we've never had much excess money during our ten years of marriage, it took us a while to build up the equipment we would need. We're hoping to get to go at least once this summer.

With my neck and back in such a mess, I have to have a pretty elaborate sleeping set-up or I can't function the next day. But it's worth it!!

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