Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

Okay, it's Bead Table Wednesday, and my bead table is in our Farmer's Market box... (The box we throw everything in that goes to FM with us- our gift boxes, bags, money drawer, earring racks, water bottles, lunch, etc.) My tray is at the bottom of the box, I might add. And the tray is a mess, anyway.
So, I'm going to TELL you what's on it, and let you imagine.

Here goes:
1) I have three completed items- two leaf bracelets, and my sun necklace. I hope to get good pics of them in the sun tomorrow.
2) I have a leaf bracelet I need to complete.
3) Two projects that customers brought for me to repair. (Yes, we do some minor repair work, and we don't charge very much either!)
4) Pearls to create a pearl wire necklace.
5) Flowers and beads to create a Y wire necklace.
6) a random assortment of beads that need to be put away from projects I've finished...

So, that's my mess, and yup, I hate working in a mess. So I'm hoping to complete several of these projects tomorrow while I'm at FM. However, tomorrow is a day that the girls have to come with me, so I'm not expecting to actually get much done.

Still loving all the pretty beads!

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