Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fun Day- Two Finished Pieces

One of my leaf bracelets

To create the leaf component:

I softened the copper with the torch, and textured it with a hammer. Then I ran it through the rolling mill with the leaves. Next I sawed around the leaves, and filed smooth the edges. Finally, I drilled the holes on the sides, and formed it to the proper shape.

When I got it home from the metal-smithing workshop I chose some lovely blue glass beads and braided the little strands all together.

Balance Pendant

The pendant is created with bluestone, silver, copper and nickel silver.

First, I textured the copper by hammering and folding it. Then I cut out each oval and filed them smooth. Next, I soldered all the pieces together. After soldering, I added the letters and used liver of sulphur to patina the metals. Finally, I slipped the bluestone cabachon into place, and burnished the setting.

When I got the pendant home I was delighted to discover I already had some lovely bluestone rounds to match the cab.

I created some bluestone links, found some fabulous chain and beaded it up. I'm very pleased with the end result.


Susan Stevenson said...

Beautiful! Your designs are awesome!

becca said...

Thank you! =)

becca said...

Follow up on 9/5/11:

All of my leaf bracelets are gone-
Sold within a couple weeks of them going out on the table. I think I've got one more component and I think I'm going to try and save it for our Christmas bazaars.

The pendant and necklace sold 2 weeks ago. They finally found their home! =)