Monday, February 21, 2011

ER Trip

Abigail & Deborah were playing upstairs around noon, when I heard screaming & hysteria....

So, yes. We took a trip to the ER.
Abigail has 3 stitches close to her left eye, & Deborah spent a good portion of the day feeling guilty & crying because "it was my fault!" Apparently on her way down from the top bunk, she accidently kicked Abigail, which propelled Abigail into the corner of the bunk bed.

An accident. Not on purpose, and I have to say, I think they both kind of learned their lesson. They've been playing rather rough lately (too cold to play outside, plus Abigail's SICK, so she doesn't get to go anywhere...) I think they might not play so rough for a while....

Poor Abigail got HYSTERICAL when I said we were going to the ER- Screaming, crying. She kept saying "I'm not going to the hospital!" in this very firm and confident tone. I bundled her up in Mom's SUV (After Beth & I spent 15 minutes digging it out of the snow, 'cuz we got about 2 feet last night! And we didn't think my car would drive through all the snow, which was the right decision.) Then I drove by the museum to pick up Jake, so that he could hold her if we needed more physical strength.

They looked at the cut, which was about half an inch long and about half an inch from her left eye, and decided it needed stitches. Partly because it was fairly deep and partly because it was so close to her eye.

Abigail was not cooperative at all, (screaming, fighting, kicking, etc.) so the doctor made the decision to give her a medicine called Ketamine, which calmed her down and let her sleep during the sewing up. Everyone, including Jake and me, was glad they gave her the Ketamine. It's a disassociative, which basically means it doesn't hurt as bad & she wasn't really all there. However, it's fast acting so she recovered very quickly. And since the doctor was working so close to her eye, he didn't want to have to fight her.

Abigail's okay, now. And she doesn't really remember the whole thing. I'll get a pic up of her fancy stitches tomorrow.

However, mommy and daddy are both a wee bit traumatized... I think we'll recover, but part of our recovery was to come home and have to dig the rest of the driveway out of 2 feet of blowing snow. Then we came inside and cuddled while watching some old Star Trek.

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