Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saw 'Easy Virtue'

I rented a copy of the 2008 movie version of Noel Coward's play 'Easy Virtue'. I can't stop thinking about it...

From the description on the back and my previous experience with 'Blithe Spirit', I had expected a witty British comedy.
Light & comedic, "Easy Virty" is NOT.
I kept expecting it to end well, and it just didn't. Really, it couldn't.

I've now read the Wikipedia summary, and I honestly wish I'd read it before we say the play. For one thing, the movie is noticeably different from the original play. And for another thing, we would have been prepared for a biting and dark drama.
The movie was excellently done- well acted, well written, well directed- really, overall it was excellent.

But wow. Was it dark.
I wanted to cry at the end for the loss and hypocrisy...

The story centers around a couple- she's American, he's British. They arrive back at his home and surprise his parents with their married status. The mother instantly hates the American bride, and sets about to destroy their marriage. The mother claims to be supporting her son, and trying to make his life better, but she is a selfish and mean horrible woman.

I thought it would be something more like Cold Comfort Farm (a delightful little story about a high society British girl shaking up her poor country relations), where the new girl is able to change the family for the better. However, in Easy Virtue, the American girl finally leaves the her husband and his family in the grip of the poison they have made for themselves.

Very dark story. Very sad ending.

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