Sunday, February 21, 2010


My faith is scarred and bruised. Broken and battered.
Barely hanging on.
God, where are you?
I call and hear silence.
I cry out and wait for you.
I am waiting.
So tired of waiting.
Ready for change...

Am I ready for the change in me?
Ready for painful growth?
Ready for you to bring new life to these old dry bones?

Because it will hurt again.
To clean out these wounds, I will have to take my hand off them.
I will have to let you pour water over them, and put medicine in them
I will have to let you have your way.
And it will hurt.

Am I really ready?
Ready for more pain?
Ready for more change?
Ready for true healing?
Ready to let the pain of the past go?
Ready to explore? And let you take me where you will?

Am I ready?

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