Thursday, February 25, 2010

Me and Sugar

Oh, my.
I don't normally do this, but I had a brownie after my lunch today.
And I'm high as a kite...
I'm having trouble focusing, and spelling.
Makes me want to chatter up a storm.
but I will control myself.
(LOL. I keep having to go back and correct my spelling! Blech.)
I'm careful about what I eat, 'cuz I know sugar messes me up pretty bad.
Plus, as fun as it is to be a little sugar high, I don't like the lows afterward.
Somebody gave us a brownie mix and we haven't done them, and I just went for it today.
Fudge frosting. YUM!
I'm pre-diabetic. or hypoglycemic. Which really isn't the term any more. That's what I used to say, but now they call it pre-diabetic. Just to remind you that if you're not careful you'll end up diabetic.
Which I don't want.

My mom is insulin-dependent diabetic. My grandmother had blood-sugar problems- would be called pre-diabetic now. And my great-grandmother was diabetic. Back when you used glass syringes, and boiled them after using them.

Anyway, the way I end up feeling after having a load of sugar, means the sugar has to be worth it. And I guess brownies are worth it. Especially the fudgy ones, with frosting. And it was WARM! Yum.
But now I'm pretty much done. Gonna drink some water and see if that clears some of the buzz off ...

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