Sunday, December 13, 2009


I have been directing the children's Christmas musical at church this year. Remember, I've done this before. A lot, in fact... I've now officially directed 12 full-out performances with kids, not including this latest one.

That was the WORST rehearsal I have ever directed in my life.

Several kids were missing. Two of them had solos. Four of them had speaking parts (all small).
We had worked out easy choreography/moving across the stage for one of the songs- NOBODY remembered what they were supposed to do. Not even sort of...
I had one poor kid who kept asking me what he was supposed to be doing (he's in kindergarten, so I can't really blame him, but at this point I'd rather he just stand there instead of coming to me and saying 'where am I supposed to be?').
One of the main characters doesn't have any lines memorized yet...

Plus, I had been at a bazaar all morning, so didn't get time to get the five or six props I was supposed to bring....

AAAAAAH!!! Really, really bad.

There's more. Character/acting type stuff- one of the main characters just wants to sit and say all his lines kinda mumbly, one of the narrators tends to go so fast you can't understand a word she's saying, and the other narrator goes so far into the country accent that it starts twitching her body around... One of the wonderful/sweet/kind volunteer adults has never done any acting before, and he keeps turning his back to the audience and he doesn't seem to remember stuff I've said before. I am so glad he's there!!! Don't get me wrong. But I just wish he'd remember to face the audience...


Oh, God! Help us! Please!
Please let the excitement and energy of performing help them all focus. Please let Austin memorize his lines. Please help me let go of the things that aren't really important. Please bless this and let it go, if not well, at least okay. Please let it come together and work out...
Help me remember that the play is really all about you, and not about how it works out. Please touch it with your presence and blessing and cause it rise above all problems and touch people with the story of your amazing grace and love.
Thank you!

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