Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Very frustrated today... My girls have been BEGGING to have the tree up, but there are so many steps... And everyone requires somebody's cooperation to get it done.

The girls had to help clean up the living room. I have to push them.
Mom had to help clean up the corner where the tree goes.
Jake has to help me get the tree and the ornaments, 'cuz I can't lift it all. And getting him to do it is like dragging a moose through mud.
Beth refused to help in any way. Refused to move her stuff. Refused to help with anyone else's stuff...
I wanted to have the living room vaccuumed before putting up the tree, but my asthma is SO bad. As soon as I start vaccuuming I'm sucking on my inhaler.
Mom can't vaccuum 'cuz of her leg. Again, Beth refused to help.
I wish I could just magically make it all happen.

I'm going to give up for the day. Just tired of dragging everyone else to someplace they apparently don't want to go.

Very frustrated. Very, very frustrated.

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