Thursday, November 26, 2009

Our Zoo- The Otter

I highlighted my oldest daughter's lion tendencies, and thought I should also put the spotlight on my youngest.

My youngest daughter, Abigail Joy, is four years old which means her personality is not set in stone. However, I would say her personality is kind of like a river- she's got a definite direction in mind. It may wind a bit, but both she and I have got a pretty good idea which way it's headed.

She's my party girl- silly, witty, compassionate and enthusiastic. She does not like to be alone, and would rather that all of her loved ones were in close proximity. She loves enthusiastically, and dislikes with equal enthusiasm.

It's rare to find a picture of her alone- I found a couple from her 4th birthday. I mostly find Abigail cuddled up to someone, or playing with Deborah.

She hates it when anyone argues in the house, and has been known to say to us, 'you yelled at daddy! That's bad!' Also, she's my little one who will cry just as enthusiastically at being swatted once on her bottom or being spoken to harshly. Her heart hurts her more than any spanking ever could.

Her secondary tendencies, are gonna be a lovely contrast. =) She's got her some serious Beaver vibes going on. She's the 2 year old who used to organize her crayons instead of coloring/scribbling... She used to line them up in groups of colors. The blues here and the reds over here. She'd make a little nest for herself on the couch and organize the books instead of looking at them... And line the stuffed animals up around her like a little fence.

And while she loves a party and people, she can be very shy when she first meets people. I don't know if this one will be something she grows out of, but right now it can be very hard for her to be introduced to a new situation.

My lovely little party girl wants to be a dancer and a vet and a singer and a teacher and a jewelry maker.

God, you have given me a precious gift- This beautiful cuddly girl who wants my company so much. Please help me be the mama she needs. Please help me love her the way you would want me to, and direct her on the path you have for her. I am so looking forward to being part of her Spirit birth. Please grant her an enthusiasm for your truth, love and mercy. Plant a love of your word deep in her heart. Grow her in grace and truth.

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