Friday, November 27, 2009


This year I am thankful for so many things-
a family who loves me,
a tender sweet husband,
beautiful & growing daughters,
good friends,
good food,
a home,
warm beds,
a kitty to cuddle,
a car that drives,
books to read,
a library in town,
tv shows I enjoy,
a place to write,
plenty of beads to play with,
the fact that no-one in our house has had surgery since March!!,
art to explore & create,
schools & teachers I like for my girls,
extra money so the girls can take dancing,
time with God,
God's grace & forgiveness,
God's kindness and lavish love...
I am blessed beyond belief.

My husband recently read that there are over 800 individuals in our community who are homeless. More than 250 are children, most are adults. They live on the streets, flop on friends' couches, and hunt food. About half the children are escaping abusive situations, and the others left home because they chose not to follow house rules, were addicts or pregnant.

The adults are a mixed group. Some are addicts who have difficulty maintaining a regular job. Some lost their job and subsequently their home. Some are vets dealing with PTSD. Some have fallen into homelessness and cannot escape, and some have chosen this way of live.

Today is shockingly warm at +21 F. But it's been -20 lately... Can you imagine being homeless at those temperatures? Where do you go? You can't hang around in the library, or shopping centers. There is a shelter here, but it can't accomodate that many people. I don't even know if they can feed that many...

Without my mom we would be homeless. I find myself particularly thankful for her at this time of year...

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Laura said...

happy Thanksgiving to you...what a beautiful post...always good to remember our blessings, even in hard times...actually, especially in hard times..