Sunday, February 22, 2009


Gidget is my mom's cat. (Although my mom will definitely deny that one) She has adopted my mom completely against my mom's will. She wants to sleep with my mom and she sits at my mom's feet at night. Kinda cute when you realize my mom almost made Beth take this cat to the pound.
Anyway, Gidget has been VERY sick. For a while we thought we were gonna lose her. She got kinda sick to her tummy, didn't want to eat, and then started going into something called fatty liver disease. Her body was eating her fat, which made her feel sick, which made her not eat, which made her body eat her fat... A vicious circle. We've been force feeding her this special (expensive) food from the vet, and she seems to be coming out of it- Thank God!
Gidget also has adopted Deborah and will follow Deborah around and let her pet her, and we knew Deborah wasn't ready to deal with her death.
So, glad to report, Gidget will be around to terrorize the other cats, at least for a while.

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