Friday, February 13, 2009

Apocalyptic Health Week

Okay, so apocalyptic is probably stretching it a bit, but Jake says he feels like he's dying, so there you go.
Here's the overview:
Jake's ended up in the ER twice this week, with us trying to figure out what's going on. We thought he had flu. We thought he had some weird allergic reaction. We thought maybe he ate something bad... Turns out his gall bladder has probably stopped functioning, and he might have some weird immune system non-viral hepatitis... He hurts all the time, and he's lost 10 lbs this week. He's had some tummy problems for a while, and his doctor thought it was GERD, but turns out this is way more complicated. They were talking about removing his gall bladder, but you can't just remove a liver without killing someone. We're waiting til next Tuesday to hear what's gonna happen.
And I am having weird bladder/endo pain. I have been for a couple weeks. Thought I might have a urinary tract infection. Turns out it's more complicated, too. I saw a doctor Monday, and one yesterday. Today I had a fun ultrasound. (not) And, bonus! I saw the OB/GYN in town who specializes in ultrasounds. That's all he does, and all he's done for quite some time. And I perplexed him. He'd never seen anything like what was going on inside me. I had 'shiny bright dots', 'tubular shapes', myomas, endomas, cysts, the works. So I'm probably looking at surgery, too. Good thing I'm pretty much recovered from the one I had 7 weeks ago. Hah!
I sure hope we don't end up in the hospital having surgery at the same time...
Deborah has recovered from her eye scratch. Thank God! And Abigail's doing well. So, two Sirevaag's down, two to go.

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