Saturday, January 03, 2009


All I've been doing is sleeping...
Reading a bit, but I'm so tired!
I was anemic when I went into surgery, not just the usual 'a little anemic' or 'borderline anemic'. This time I was actually clinically anemic.
Maybe that's why I'm so tired. I don't know...
Maybe it's 'cuz I had major surgery...

So, I lay around, and the girls climb all over me. Although, not on my back. It still hurts to sit straight back into a chair.
I'm not getting anything done.
I'm not making dinner by myself. I'm not taking care of the girls by myself. I'm not doing dishes... I'm barely doing any beading... I just run out of steam.

I still can't bend over right.
I still can't drive myself anywhere.
I still can't carry anything heavier than a gallon of milk.
I am pathetic.

Yes, I'm whining. But now that I've said all that, I feel better.
Maybe I'll go to bed and sleep some more...

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