Saturday, January 03, 2009

Books I read in December

Honestly, I didn't read much in December... I was almost incapable of anything during the week of my surgery and right after. The best books were surprises- a silly British fantasy and a dark violent mystery.
5 Children and It by E. Nesbit A+
I loved this British children’s fantasy... A family of 5 children spends the summer in the country and discover a sand-fairy, called a psammead. The grumpy 'fairy' grants one wish a day, and the children learn the power of words, and making choices. One day they wish for a mountain of gold and end up with gold pieces that are too heavy for them to carry and that no one will take in exchange for any of the the things the children would want. In the tradition of Mary Poppins and pure silliness.

Killing Floor by Lee Child A
From the back cover:
Ex-military policeman Jack Reacher is a drifter, just passing through. He is in Margrave, Georgia, for less than a half hour when four policemen arrive, shotguns in hand, to arrest him for murder. All Jack knows is he didn’t kill anybody. Not in their town, and not for a long time..
One of my mom’s murder mysteries
Excellent story. Interesting situation, and non-stop action. Twisty mystery with lots of clues and fun characters. I'm looking forward to finding another one by the same author- I think that he might have even written another one with the same character, and Reacher is a delightful epic hero.
Shakespeare’s Landlord by Charlaine Harris B+
Excellent mystery. I like the main character, Lily Bard, and was drawn into her story and the small southern town, Shakespeare, she’s adopted as home. She's dumped into the middle of a murder mystery and decides the only way to get free of it is to discover who actually killed her landlord.

Shakespeare’s Champion by Charlaine Harris B+
Excellent mystery- even better than the first in the series. This mystery circles around a bigoted murderous militia. I’m not from the south and found myself flummoxed by the racial tensions... Still a good story.
Shakespeare’s Christmas by Charlaine Harris A
My favorite in this series so far. Lily must return home and face her family... And deal with a missing girl, and a series of nasty murders.

Final Truth by Mariah Stewart C
One of my mom’s murder mysteries-
FBI, serial killer, a true crime author... Very staged and rather cold.
Almost Dead by Lisa Jackson C+
One of my mom’s murder mysteries.
An insane prison escape, twisted family murders... Rather sick and disturbing story.
The Hiding Place by Karen Harper C+
One of my mom’s murder mysteries-
Tara wakes up out of nine months in a coma to discover that her husband has divorced her, and her best friend has been murder. Her past won’t let her alone- danger and violence chase her through to the discovery that her husband stole her newborn infant, her doctor kept her in a coma to the birth of her child and that he’d rather kill her than let her have her freedom and her son.
Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s Magic by Betty McDonald A
YA book- Silliness and fantasy. I read this series when I was younger, enjoyed them then. It was fun to read back over it now. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle helps kids behave more appropriately and kindly by exaggerating the results of their choices.
The Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free by Nancy Leigh DeMoss B
I don’t know what to say about this book specifically... I agreed with her on some issues, and disagreed with her on others. I believe that in some instances she’s using scriptures to prove her point, rather than allowing scripture to prove the truth. However, she has some very useful, practical and powerful things to say.

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