Friday, August 08, 2008

Why should I WANT be a Christian?

Have you ever been asked, "Why should I want to be a Christian?"
Our response should be: "To gain freedom from the power of your obsessions, failures, and faults and know a freedom and peace that only a follower of Christ can have."
Christ came to fulfill the law so that He could set us free to follow Him by means of the power of the Spirit. We must consistently seek for the Spirit to enable us to live as free people.
Life is better when lived by the Spirit's power and in intimacy with God than when shackled to the unrelenting desires of the flesh.

Read this in my daily Bible reading stuff on Facebook. It struck me 'cuz I hate the idea of being shackled to anything... I love the idea of Freedom. This is a great way to talk to a non-believer. I think most of us desire freedom. I think this is a real need.

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