Friday, August 01, 2008

Praying about School

Okay, so we're in the middle of making a big decision...

Since Jake left Fred Meyer we have the option of him going back to school FT. We're trying to decide whether to send him back or not. Jake had trouble working and going to school, and won't go back unless he can just do school and nothing else. He got overwhelmed- school, ministry, job, husband, and daddy.
I can certainly understand. I tried to have a job in college and couldn't do it. I ended up dropping out that semester 'cuz I kept getting sick. And then I did it again... I didn't have to completely drop out the second semester, but I had to withdraw from most of my classes. Finally, my parents told me to stop trying to work. My mom said that for me school was my job.
I lived at home and went to UAF and that was it. I did ministry with my BSU and I was in theatre shows. It really only worked since my mom worked at the university... Children under 24 of UAF employees had & still have tuition waived. If that hadn't been God's gift to us there's no way I could have gone to school without having a job.
Funny. In seminary I had a job (at first I worked in the music library on campus but after that I tutored in the school system), was traveling a LOT with Company, doing youth group stuff at my church on Wednesday night plus doing FT classes. I think God gave me the grace to succeed at seminary... 'Cuz there's NO way I could have done all that in college.
It will cost a LOT for Jake to go to school, but right this minute we can do it. We're trying to figure out what kind of job I need to make this happen.
So much is up in the air, but it does feel like this is exactly what God wants us to do for this moment in time.
Help, God! Give us wisdom and please take care of our needs. God, please work everything together in our life so that we can obey you and glorify you...
I believe that you want Jake to finish his schooling. If that is so, provide for that to happen. Please help us trust you and make the path straight before us.

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